It is so much more special and fulfilling to do something good for other people, expecting nothing in return other than the knowledge that you did what you could to help.

Meet Charles Geoffrey, a Compassion Kenya alumnus aiming to raise $600,000 to see 150 children in East Africa sponsored through the ride for Compassion event in 2022.

Ride for Compassion is an annual event in which cyclists and support crew—with a desire to help children living in poverty—raise money for Compassion Australia. All funds raised are used to support and help children living in poverty. The month-long ride will travel across Australia from coast to coast.

Charles will ride for 4,000km from Perth to Newcastle in September through to October, in the beautiful beaches of Western Australia, across the rugged Nullarbor, to the bustling east coast city of Newcastle.

Each cyclist undertakes extensive training before the event, pays for their on-road costs, and raises funds for Compassion’s work.

How can you help?

You can plug in and help by donating to help Charles reach his goal.

By donating to help meet the urgent needs of Compassion children and youth who are facing unthinkable hardships. This can include those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, children whose parents have left, orphaned or unable to provide for them, children exposed to exploitation, and children with special needs

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