By Michael Mugwe

On the 19th of October 2022, our Vice President of African Region, Palamanga Ouali, visited one of our programs at Lifespring Chapel Embakasi. Since the covid-19 pandemic, he has not visited Kenya, mainly due to restrictions. Thus, during his stay, he visited one of our church partners and was hosted by our National Director, Samuel Wambugu.

Being introduced to the community in Embakasi, he gave a few words:

“Every time we visit a country, we make sure that we do visits of our church partners, so that we can engage and learn and be encouraged. Because you people are a source of encouragement to us. When we visit, we have the opportunity to meet with the youth, children, and staff and only hope to be inspired to want to do even more and more.”

Read more in the 29th Edition of Jirani.

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