Maristela with her twins, Joyline and Joseline.

Meet Joyline and Joseline, twins born in an environment that meant their survival would be impossible, yet here they are, smiling in the loving arms of a mother whose life has changed forever.

We were first introduced to Joyline and Joseline in February 2022 when KTN, a local news channel, told the story of a mother of twin baby girls who could not breastfeed her daughters because of medication from treating her heart condition, Compassion International Kenya as part of our mandate to ensure babies are thriving intervened for Joyline and Joseline.

At 6 weeks, we intervened for this family and began to support Joyline and Joseline. As Compassion International Kenya, in partnership with the local church in the family’s area we supported them, to ensure the survival of the twin girls. In supporting the most vulnerable mothers and their young children through providing education and support for the families we help ensure that the child survives, thrives, and has a healthy start to life.  

The girls are now thriving, healthy babies. In the immediate intervention, the twin’s weight increased; Joseline’s to 9 kgs from 3kgs and Joyline’s to 7kgs from 2.5kgs. As much as the mother received a lot of immediate relief from her story on the news, our church partner worked with her toward creating a sustainable plan to ensure she could support her family by helping her start a now successful business.

We value the need to empower caregivers of our participants to be self-sufficient as part of our work towards releasing children from poverty, as we know that a child is part of a larger community.

Maristela and her mother receiving a stock to boost their business.

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