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Amos Leshao, also known as Leshao Leshao

Meet Amos Leshao, also known as Leshao Leshao by his music fans. When he starts singing, adorned in his Maasai regalia, you will be glued to him as he dances to the tune of his self-composed Maasai songs.

Leshao, beyond his unique musical gifts, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Education Technology in Civil Engineering at Meru University of Science and Technology. He has only been pursuing Music for two years; his music journey has not been easy, but he has a loyal fan base on TikTok and YouTube. He highlighted, “Music plays a big part in my life, and I only started singing after I finished my secondary education in 2021 because I had to focus on my studies.”

Leshao recently participated in a business and innovation challenge organized by our church partners in Transmara, Narok county, where he came third. He said during the day, “It is my dream to share my Music with my sponsor. I also want to earn money and give back to my community by sponsoring vulnerable children and mentoring youth who want to pursue Music as a career.”

2 Responses

  1. This is so encouraging since music is what most youths can relate with well. The fact that he is on tiktok is also a good thing in connecting with his audience. This young man is going paces with this talent. Thanks team for highlighting this.

  2. Every problem in life has a gift inside..
    So don’t get upset when you face problem.
    It may have more beautiful ending than your expectation.
    Congratulations our own @leshao leshao~keep going 💪

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