Jennifer on her graduation day February 10, 2023

Meet Jane, an entrepreneur, a first-class honors graduate from Egerton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Studies, and a beneficiary of the Leadership for Life (L4L) initiative from Compassion Kenya that supports participants with Undergraduate scholarships; she is truly a testament of our work in Compassion believing that we can help children towards reaching their God-given potential.

We first met Jane in 2009 when she joined our program through our church partner, AIC Karaba. She had lost her mother and been separated from her six siblings; in later years, losing her father as well, she stayed diligent in the program, gaining courage and her voice through her formative years, taking part in national drama festivals, even as a member of the Scouts club.

With our Church Partner’s support, she could consistently attend her high school education at Kangaru Girls, helping her progress toward her academic goals.

Leadership for life is an initiative that provides support beyond financial support, giving the participants training and skills growth in areas like mentorship and entrepreneurship. Jane, through the program, during the COVID-19 pandemic, began her business, even taking part in the Youth Business Challenge competition, and emerged as one of the best business ladies in the competition. It is truly a joy to see Jane start to live to her potential.

Jane being awarded a certificate after completion of the business and entrepreneurship training

Jane highlights as she reflects on her journey,

“The experiences as a participant in the program and other initiatives under it such as Leadership for Life have played a big role in making me who I am today.”

Jane (3rd from the right) with her colleagues and trainers during the Youth Business Challenge Training

Contributor: Jeniffer Nthiga

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  1. Compassion Kenya is doing a great milestone to most youths in this region especially EAPC Muthanthara CDC has brought positive change to the most youths in the of Muthanthara SUBLOCATION

  2. Congratulations to her. As a beneficiary of compassion international, I will forever be grateful.
    Betting all odds – I got a first class honors in community development.

  3. This is such an inspiring story.
    I was a compassion beneficiary and have a testimony of how compassion molded me into who I am today.
    At the moment I am at Daystar University courtesy of Compassion.
    I believe that one day my story also will be published to encourage other students.

    1. Congratulations Jane. I’m a beneficiary living 💯 transformed life courtesy compassion international.

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