A group of caregivers pausing for a photo with their oven.

In Partnership with the Association of Women in Agriculture-Kenya (AWAK), whose objective was to empower vulnerable mothers living in Kisauni informal settlements economically, we have collaborated to support 101 mothers of our program participants.

We have worked to build their capacity through training in urban farming, food processing, charcoal briquette making (as a form of clean energy), business development skills, and mental health support. We worked to provide food processing and multi-story garden start-up kits to improve their food security, enhance their participation in climate action, increase their income, and reduce poverty.

The program trained 101 mothers whose children were registered participants with skills to manage a vertical story kitchen garden and establish an indigenous vegetable nursery within their limited spaces—helping them to embrace urban farming.

Eighty-four of the mothers of our program participants were equipped with skills in baking fortified cakes, bread, and scones to enhance value addition using indigenous available flours, e.g., cassava, sorghum, and turmeric. The training further equipped them with confidence with sessions on business development, management, and even the importance of mental well-being. The AWAK board secretary and Mombasa County Director for Agriculture honored all the participants with certificates for completing the program. The initiative had a significant impact on the lives of mothers, offering a space for self-empowerment and growth to become a better support system for their families.

A group of caregivers after receiving their start up kits with their certificates.

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