Modern society teaches us to be self-reliant. But when we come together, we end up doing much more than what we could have all alone. Coming together not despite our differences but because of them is where humanity taps into the sweet spot of our power —channeling positive energy in the right direction to help those in need and making the biggest impact.

We see the suffering that concerns real people, who have families, loved ones, friends, their own stories, dreams and goals. And we scale up kindness and compassion.

The Kenya Muskathlon @ Home event allowed us to do just that. We showed up for the vulnerable children and families in Kinango, Kwale County. In the last couple of months, we went out of our way to contribute generously and managed to raise KSH.583,060 towards building two houses for the most affected families and showed up in support to run in the scorching sun. That alone is worth celebrating!

A deep appreciation to the Deputy Governor, Kwale County, Ms Fatuma Achani and representatives from the county for their participation and willingness to take part to make the Muskathlon an extra special day.

A huge thank you to Coca Cola for their generous donations of 40 cases of 1.5liters of water and 10 cases of 1.5 liters of soda, and also Delight who donated 15 cases of 0.5 liters of water. 

Further, we would like to thank our National Leadership Team (NLT) for their support which enabled us to realize such a great event.

We are so grateful to know that you were all part of the response that will help the affected community in Kinango for years to come. When we show up for those in need, we let them know they are loved, and they are cared for.

They can take a breath of relief, if even for a moment. That’s the greatest gift of all, being able to show love to those in need.

Divided we aren’t nearly as powerful as when we come together.

Thank you for the support!

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  1. Very great indeed, I took part in one of the muskathlon’s at mabesheni ,a wonderful experience
    Thank you

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