National Director Samuel Wambugu with CEC Trade, Tourism and Marketing, Farida Salim and the Project Learn Project team.

In an era where technology and advanced technical skills are increasingly vital, Compassion International joined forces with the Power Learn Project in 2022 to address the need for digital skills among African youths. Recognizing technology’s important role in today’s world, this collaboration launched the Digital Skills Training (Robotics and Coding) for 50 Youth CIV intervention, aiming to equip 50 young individuals with essential digital competencies in Kenya’s Western Region.

The primary objective of the Digital Skills Training for 50 Youth complementary intervention was to prepare and equip young individuals with the necessary digital competencies to access and excel in the opportunities brought about by ongoing technological advancements. By incorporating digital skills into the learning curriculum, the program aimed to empower the participants to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world. Through this intervention, participants had the opportunity to acquire competitive IT skills, including web design, coding through Python, database management, and Darts. To facilitate this learning process, the Power Learn Project organized an intensive boot camp that brought together learners from five African countries, namely Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, and Tanzania. The Compassion team cohort was well represented, allowing participants to interact and collaborate with peers across the continent.

The training sessions were designed to be intense yet interactive, focusing on various specialization areas. For instance, after one week of intensive training on project creation, the learners were allowed to form teams, formulate ideas, and implement their projects. Importantly, they learned to push their code to GIT, an essential step in creating their digital profile. The intervention celebrated a notable level of gender representation, with 42% of the participating students being female and 58% male. This achievement highlights the growing interest of female students in IT skills, demonstrating their determination to excel in this field traditionally dominated by males.

National Director Samuel Wambugu with CEC Trade, Tourism and Marketing, Farida Salim handing certificate to graduate.

In May, the participating students completed the program and graduated with exceptional projects addressing community social challenges. These projects included school management systems and web and mobile applications to support the underprivileged. The students’ ingenuity and dedication showcased their ability to leverage their newfound digital skills to make a positive impact in their surroundings.

The partnership between Compassion International and the Power Learn Project has made significant strides in empowering African youths with essential digital skills. This initiative has provided a platform for the next generation to excel in the rapidly evolving digital landscape by equipping the participants with competitive IT skills and fostering cross-continental collaboration. Through their impressive projects, these young individuals have demonstrated the transformative potential of digital skills in addressing social problems and shaping a brighter future for their communities.

Graduates of Power learn Project celebration.

Contributor: Carol Nzau, Program Support Specialist – Complementary interventions

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