Image: from left, Newton Midamba, Senior Manager of Partnership, Beverly Ogao, Customer Support Lead Mwalimu PLUS, Samuel Wambugu, National Director, Mohamud Ali, Managing Director at Mwalimu PLUS, Linet Ochieng, Senior Manager of Business Support and James Kyalo, Manager of Partnership.

Compassion International Kenya signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mwalimu PLUS to provide a framework to facilitate and strengthen collaboration.

Mwalimu PLUS provides an intelligent e-tutoring solution for students, parents, and teachers designed to improve the learning and teaching process. The solution offers significant learning materials and supports the online learning program for primary Education Institutions.

The partnership with Mwalimu PLUS will help promote our actions toward digital transformation, an essential aspect of our program to support the holistic development of children and youth in Kenya. The collaboration will allow Mwalimu PLUS to support our Frontline Church Partners through regular training, conferences, and meetings on using the Mwalimu PLUS Product.

The mutually beneficial cooperation and collaboration will serve the common objective of actively ensuring our program participants’ education progression and growth. The understanding that holistic development, through formal education, can positively impact the child reaching their full potential will play a central role in the partnership.

Image: from left, Our National Director Samuel Wambugu and Mohamud Ali Managing Director at Mwalimu PLUS.

As Compassion International Kenya, we believe that to help children reach their full potential, we need to have active collaboration in the communities through partnerships, first through our Frontline Church Partners, but also community innovators and collaborators like Mwalimu PLUS that can have an impact on the lives of children and their communities, to help break the cycle of poverty.

Contributor: James Mulandi

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