Catherine Wamiti Senior Manager of Program Support, Samwel Mwaniki Manager of Program Support and Beatrice Maina Program Support specialist with some of the Leadership for Life Intervention Graduates.

The Leadership for Life Intervention program recently graduated 80 bright young individuals who successfully finished the four-year course. These 80 participants were able to pursue higher education, receiving guidance on leadership development, entrepreneurship training, and discipleship. The selection process was based on the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Primary examination results. The program provided funding for tuition and accommodation expenses for all 80 participants. This year, the graduating group includes young individuals who have graduated or will be graduating from a university.

This program is highly valuable for young people as it provides spiritual formation, leadership training, mental health support, problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities, and character development. Through this training, the youth gain a deeper understanding of their purpose and become agents of positive change in their communities, churches, and universities. Additionally, they participate in community service activities like jiggers’ campaigns, hospital visits, tree planting, and serving at local churches. Students are also given the opportunity for academic placement, allowing them to apply classroom knowledge to real-world job placement skills. The program also provides business training and coaching, which enables them to establish small-scale businesses and earn a living while pursuing their studies.

Lillian Achieng’-

“As a medical student, during covid 19 pandemic, I taught community members how to keep safe by regularly washing hands and maintaining social distancing protocols. I enjoyed my studies because they taught me my role in society, with my main aim being to save lives and live Christ-like lives.”

Brian Otieno: –

I have received valuable support and mentorship that have greatly aided me in living my life according to biblical teachings and my desire to improve the world. With the entrepreneurial skills I gained from training, I started a small business selling clothes to my fellow students.”

Celestine Muhonja: –

“The intervention taught me valuable skills for the job market and the world. Through interacting with other young people in my country, I’ve developed my leadership skills and ability to collaborate with colleagues to solve problems. I’m excited to work on projects with my colleagues to give back to our communities.”

Hear from the graduates:

Contributors: Douglas Moseti and Beatrice Maina Program Support Specialists

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