Compassion Participants playing football.

Laikipia recently hosted various sports events, including ball games, and athletics. All 14 Frontline Church Partners in the Laikipia region participated in the scheduled competitions held from May 2nd to May 4th, 2023. The event took place at Mary Mother Grace Boys High School. The games were categorized into pools A, B, and C for seniors, juniors, and beginners.

The sports included football, 100m races, 200m races, and relay races.

Elisham Nyamwata, the Compassion Partnership Facilitator for the region, and Youth Specialist Douglas Moseti noted the importance of fostering a spirit of healthy competition. They pointed out that the competitiveness has been growing because no defending champions won this time.

They also emphasized the need to nurture the talents of young children and have plans for more opportunities to showcase youth talent in the future. Laikipia is already looking forward to next year’s games, which will feature improved structures, security, and facilities for all stakeholders, including players, officials, spectators, and sponsors.

Contributor: Elisham Nyamwata, Partnership Facilitator.

One of the Compassion Participants teams posing for a team photo.

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