In a bid to champion health and hygiene, AIC Kanzinwa in Kitui County enthusiastically participated in the Global Handwashing Day on October 15th. This annual event serves as a call to promote healthy handwashing habits while raising awareness about the pivotal role of handwashing with soap and water in curbing disease spread.

Under the theme of “Clean Hands Are Within Reach,” our Frontline Church Partner rallied to instill the significance of hand hygiene among program participants, school children, teachers, and staff members. Aiming to reduce the spread of diseases including diarrhea, respiratory ailments, and fungal infections within the community.

The day was filled with various engaging activities, including comprehensive health education sessions that enlightened attendees about the critical importance of handwashing. A total of 227 pupils, 10 teachers, and 3 Frontline Church Partner personnel participated in the event to understand the simple yet immense impact of washing hands with soap and running water. The participants were educated on the opportune moments for handwashing within the school and at home, with practical demonstrations of proper handwashing techniques.

Handwashing is not limited to just students; the entire staff, including part-time teachers and cooks, is committed to embracing this practice wholeheartedly. Concrete steps are being taken to ensure that handwashing facilities are readily available throughout the premises, including in sanitary facilities, kitchen areas, and classrooms. There is a collective commitment to perpetuate this knowledge, transform it into a daily habit, and pave the way for a healthier future!

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