More than two years ago, Musa, a Compassion participant from Narok, Kenya, faced a daunting diagnosis of kidney failure, altering the course of his life.

Raised by a single mother, he had to face biweekly dialysis sessions, which became his lifeline as he anxiously awaited a suitable kidney donor. With the distance from his home to the Hospital, the financial and physical strain it had on his family was enormous, with even the community getting involved in supporting the family with the cost implications of travel and medical bills, and mostly with prayers for the life of Musa.

A glimmer of hope emerged when one of Musa’s uncles selflessly offered to donate a kidney. He highlighted.

“God’s help doesn’t always come down from Heaven. He helps you through someone, and I am the someone for Musa,” said Kevin, Musa’s uncle/Kidney Donor.

In March 2023, Musa finally underwent the surgery he had been waiting for. Kes3,730,000.00 ($28,730.38) was received at the Kenyan National Office to support Musa and ensure he received the best possible healthcare. After receiving a new kidney, he started experiencing significant improvements in his health. Regular clinic visits helped him gradually resume his normal activities. He was able to participate in group activities and play with other children. This marked a remarkable transformation in Musa’s life in the months following the surgery.

Despite not reuniting with his mother yet, Musa’s dedication to education reignited as he resumed schooling near the hospital where he attended his regular clinics. The transformation in his physical, psychological, and overall well-being was miraculous.

Before the surgery, Musa’s life was constrained by illness and treatments, leaving him unable to attend school or engage in regular childhood activities. The burden of hospital visits strained his family. However, the successful transplant brought about a resurgence of life for Musa. With his health significantly improved, he embraced the joys of childhood once more, reveling in newfound freedom and opportunities.

While the anti-rejection medication might be a lifelong commitment, Musa’s resilience and the generosity of his uncle have gifted him a chance at a fulfilling and vibrant life.

This transformative journey was made possible by the kindness of donors. The National Office received Kes3,730,000.00 ($28,730.38) for Musa’s treatment. Of this amount, Kes.727,444.00 ($5,464.9) has been allocated to cover Musa’s ongoing medical reviews by specialists, as well as nutrition support and travel expenses. The remaining balance of Kes.3,002,556.00 ($23,265.48) will be utilized for additional specialist reviews, settling the final hospital bill, providing further nutritional support, and covering other necessary expenses.

Musa’s triumphant journey exemplifies the transformative power of compassion and solidarity. Together, we continue to impact the lives of those in need positively.

Contributor: John Mbugua – Program Support Specialist

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